Look around. What do you see? Cherry blossoms. Daffodils. Azaleas. Tulips. They’re all in bloom – and they’re all over the place!  You don’t have to be born with a green thumb to enjoy the beauty of spring. There are a number of beautiful gardens in Newport News where you can “stop and smell the roses” without getting your fingernails dirty. Here are a few of our favorites ...

Rose Garden at Huntington Park

Rose Garden single rose

The Rose Garden at Huntington Park features more than 74 rose varieties in its 1,000-bush garden. Hybrid tea, grandiflora, floribunda, climber, shrub, and miniature roses are all represented. A beautiful setting for outdoor weddings, the garden also serves as a rose grower’s classroom. Complete with trellises, brick borders, and a gazebo, the rose garden bursts into a carnival of color by early May and remains in bloom until late October or November. And speaking of roses, did you know that Newport News was named an American Rose City by the American Rose Society? We were the first city in Virginia to earn that distinction, back in 2002! For information about tours and educational programs or if you’d like an individual consultation with a garden rosarian, call 757-591-4844.

Japanese Peace Garden at Newport News Park

Japanese Bridge & Cherry Tree in NN Park

Who knew that Newport News was home to a Japanese Peace Garden? Located in Newport News Park, you’ll enter the garden through a “torii,” a traditional Japanese gate that marks the entrance to a sacred place. The garden, about one mile inside the park’s main entrance, is home to cherry and dogwood trees, low-growing junipers, azaleas, a variety of bulb flowers, a small pond – plus a 16th-century reproduction of a Japanese ceremonial teahouse, which was a gift from Canon Virginia. The teahouse, originally exhibited at the National Gallery of Art, is the only one of its kind in the United States! Affectionately named “Swallows’ Rest,” the teahouse sits on a ½-acre piece of land and is another popular spot for weddings.

Azaleas at Deer Park

Deer Park azaleas in bloom

White-tailed deer used to be raised on a game preserve in the area now known as Deer Park. While white-tailed deer are no longer found here, Deer Park still has much to offer. Among its 50 acres are gorgeous azaleas, which bloom year after year. The flowers come in a variety of colors, from pink and red to white and purple. The park is also home to camellias and rhododendron blooms. In warmer months, it is the perfect setting for a picnic!

Community Garden Plots in Lee Hall and Hilton

Community Garden in Lee Hall

If during your visit to all the beautiful gardens in Newport News, you become inspired to grow your own, you may want to consider a community garden plot at Lee Hall or in Hilton Village. The Community Garden in Lee Hall is located in the large open field at 75 Yorktown Road. For $30, gardeners will receive a plot of approximately 18’ x 40’ in size.  The Community Garden in Hilton is located behind the Main Street Library on Municipal Lane. Raised garden beds of 5’ x 10’ are available for $25. These plots are available on a first-come, first-served basis for residents of the city; however, those interested must apply and pay a fee first. Call 886-7912 or click here for details.

Community Garden in Hilton

Whether you live or work in Newport News or are just visiting us for a few days, call the Newport News Visitor Center at (888) 493-7386 or visit us at www.newport-news.org  for additional scenic jaunts throughout the city. For gardening tips and other garden resources, click here to visit the Newport News Master Gardeners website.